Tax Credit for Summer Child Care

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Are you hiring a summer nanny to care for your children? Or will you be taking advantage of the many day camp options available during the summertime school break? While temperatures and extra expenses seem to escalate quickly during the summer months, the IRS has some good news for parents:  Those additional expenses may help […]


Nanny vs. Au Pair: What’s the Difference?

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What is the difference between an au pair and a nanny? An au pair is a foreign national living in the United States as part of the host family, who receives a small stipend in exchange for babysitting and help with housework. Legally authorized to live and work (only as an au pair with the […]


Paying Your Nanny Off the Books: Not Worth the Risk

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Many household employers mistakenly assume that because the employment of domestic work is within their own home, they are unlikely to get caught paying their employee illegally. Because there is a long history of household employment being paid in this way, many employers assume that this is the accepted way of paying for work in […]


Home Office Tax Deduction

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There is an option that makes it simpler for qualifying taxpayers to include a home office tax deduction. The IRS announced a simplified option that many owners of home-based businesses and some home-based workers may want to use to figure their deductions for the business use of their homes. Beginning this year, taxpayers can use […]


Life Insurance for Nannies

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Some employers offer life insurance for domestic workers, including nannies. The main purpose of life insurance is to provide a death benefit to the nanny’s (or other household employee) dependents or beneficiaries, in order to help replace lost income and protect against the financial losses that could occur from the insured’s untimely death. Generally, there […]


Do I Need Workers’ Compensation for my Nanny?

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As a household employer in New York State, you are required by law to provide and maintain Workers’ Compensation coverage for your nanny or other household employee. Does Workers’ Compensation benefit the Employer or the Employee? A single work-related injury or illness could leave an employer liable for thousands of dollars in medical bills and […]


Lending Money to Your Nanny

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Occasionally a nanny or other household employee might find themselves in need of cash and may ask you, as their employer, for a loan. For a nanny asking to borrow money, information about borrowing against future wages should be provided to the nanny and included in the employee handbook. If you decide that such activity […]


Do Nannies Need a Credit History?

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A credit history for nannies and other household employees is very important if they are ever planning to apply for a loan, buy a car, buy a house, or have a credit card. A nanny who accepts wages “under the table” will not have a legal employment history or credit history and therefore will not […]


10 Safety Rules for Kids and Grownups (and Nannies!)

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From The Super Ten, Play-it-Safe Rules for Kids and Grownups! I AM THE BOSS OF MY BODY! I know my NAME, ADDRESS, & PHONE NUMBER, and my parents’ names too. (Don’t forget: kids need to know their parents’ cell phone numbers!) Safe Grownups Don’t Ask Kids for Help!! (They go to other grownups if […]


National Nanny Training Day 2014

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We had a great turnout for the annual nationwide event! Our nannies learned some new ideas for hands-on activities for their kids from nanny Christina, received first aid training and car seat safety tips from Kyle of the Clifton Park Halfmoon Emergency Corps, had a delicious lunch, learned some child-related nutrition tips and ideas from […]


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