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How the American Families Plan Could Impact Your Family

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In a recent speech, President Joe Biden announced the American Families Plan, which is a proposed $1.8 trillion legislative package. The proposed bill includes an investment of around $1 trillion in families, education, and workers. The bill also includes around $800 billion in enhanced tax credits that would extend the benefits included in the recently […]


Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Parents and Nannies

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Valentine’s Day is upon us, and families and nannies both often wonder how to help the children celebrate. While store-bought cards are thoughtful and convenient, they will adorn the counter or windowsill for a few weeks, then ultimately retire to a drawer somewhere, even with the best of intentions to be saved for years to […]


22 Gifts Your Nanny Will Enjoy

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Here come the holidays! It’s time to show your appreciation for your nanny or other household employee. It’s always a more special gift when you can involve the children, even if it’s just a handmade card. But we do have a list of other gifts your nanny will enjoy during the holidays, or any time […]


5 Ways to Give Back on Thanksgiving

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As we approach the annual holiday centered around family and feasting, many families choose to use that day to volunteer in their community to help those less fortunate, or just someone who needs a helping hand. Volunteer Card has a few suggestions for ways to give back on Thanksgiving: 5 Easy Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities Do […]


Dependent Care FSAs Save You Money When Paying a Nanny

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There are numerous reasons to pay a nanny “on the books” – you’ll recruit better candidates and keep them longer, you’ll avoid hefty fines and penalties for not paying employment taxes, and, notably, you can save money through a Dependent Care FSA (Flexible Spending Account). Our payroll partner GTM Payroll Services offers this guide to […]


Interviewing a Nanny the Right Way

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Hiring someone to care for your loved ones is the most important decision a parent can make. Therefore, it’s crucial to leave no detail to chance, and that includes the interview process. When it comes to someone who will be working in your home with your family, you need to ensure you are interviewing a […]


How to Handle Expense Reports for Nannies

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Families hiring a nanny have many things to consider, including whether or not the nanny will be driving the kids, if she or he will be using their own car, and whether the nanny will be purchasing anything for the family such as food, art supplies, etc. Some families may give cash to the nanny […]


Employee Benefits Parents Can Offer Nannies

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While providing benefits for nannies and other household employees is largely optional and seldom required by law, they greatly help the household employer attract and retain high-level employees. By providing an attractive employee benefits package, the employer is helping to maintain a satisfied workforce. Satisfied employees equal a happy workplace, which in turn equals a […]


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