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What You Need to Know About Nanny Sharing

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Many families are looking for ways to cut costs these days. For those that use nannies for their childcare, there is a trend that is becoming more and more popular: nanny sharing. Families can hire a nanny to watch their respective children simultaneously, or a nanny can work part-time for two different families. In either […]


When Children Age, a Nanny’s Role May Change

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As a family’s children age, the nanny’s role and responsibilities will change. Obviously when you have a young child – an infant or a toddler – the nanny will need to concentrate their time and attention on the child, attending to their physical needs and interacting with them. But as children age and become more […]


Mother’s Day 2019 Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is coming up very quickly – do you need any gift ideas? We have a good one! How about a few hours of “Mommy Time?” Let us handle the child care so Mom can enjoy an afternoon at the spa or a night out. Or surprise her with a clean home from one […]


Why it Takes a Village

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Today’s post was written by our friend Quoida Lauzon, RN. Quoida has worked in the healthcare industry for the past nine years, from military installations to local clinics. She’s a licensed RN in the state of NY with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She is first aid/CPR trained for adults, children, and infants. Quoida’s practice […]


10 Tips for Protecting Your Family’s Skin During Winter

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‘Tis the season! Cold air and low humidity, combined with spending more time indoors and taking hot showers, can wreak havoc on your skin, especially on kids’ sensitive skin. Here are some tips from UCI Health for protecting your family’s skin during winter. 1. Block the winter sun It’s important to use sunscreen of at least 30 […]


What Chores Can Kids Help With Around the House?

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With the cold weather finally settling in, sometimes it’s just too cold to get the kids outside. So if you’ve got restless little ones and need some productive ideas, give yourself a break and put the kids to work! What chores can kids help with around the house? Dr. G at has created this […]


Educational Assistance for Nannies

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Many nannies try to balance their education with their job as a caregiver. If you employ a nanny that is also in school, a very helpful benefit you might consider offering is that of educational assistance. Although optional, educational assistance for nannies is beneficial in providing a satisfying workplace. But if you do offer this […]


December 2018 Nanny of the Month

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It’s time again to recognize a member of the A New England Nanny team that has WOWed our clients! This team member has been with us less than a year, but in that time she has been a tremendous asset to our team, not only a long term housekeeper and chef for a family 3 […]


Holiday Time is Family Time

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Whether or not you look forward to the craziness of the holiday season, most people enjoy (at least for the most part) spending time with their families, especially those who we don’t get to see very often. But with everyone’s schedule so busy, it can be challenging to not only set aside time to spend […]


What are the Benefits of a Nanny Share?

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For families looking for ways to cut child care costs, a nanny share is one option. Families can hire a nanny to watch their respective children simultaneously, or a nanny can work part-time for two different families. In either case, the families share the cost and still enjoy the benefits a nanny provides. The main benefit […]


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