FAQs for Nannies and Other Employees

How do I apply for a job?

You will start by filling out the application right from our website. Your completed application will be reviewed by A New England Nanny staff. If you meet our minimum requirements, we will then contact you to discuss an interview. If a long term position is what you are looking for, your profile will be sent to those families whose position you are interested in applying for. You can update your information at any time by logging in to our website. Read our Applicant Review Process.

How long does it usually take to find a position?

For a long-term position, it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. You could be placed much quicker or it could take longer to find the position that is right for you. For anyone that only wants temporary work, you can start once you have cleared our screening process. If you are long-term and need work right away, we can screen you so you are able to take temp positions while waiting to be placed long-term.

What type of positions do you have?

Our agency has a long-term program which places caregivers in full and part-time positions. (Long-term placements require at least a year commitment.) Most of our long term positions are live-out but we do have live-in positions on occasion. If you’re looking for flexible work, we have an extensive temp service that offers shifts for babysitting, hotel and event childcare, housekeeping, senior care companions, and more.

Does the family withhold and pay my taxes?

We highly recommend that the family withhold and pay your taxes and most families are agreeable to do so. We can provide you with an in-depth payroll and tax consultation when we speak with you. We are affiliated with GTM Payroll Services Inc., a company that provides payroll and tax services to thousands of household employees throughout the U.S, just like you!

Do I have to pay a fee to A New England Nanny to find a position?

No. Our agency needs great candidates like you to work with our families. You will never pay to be part of the agency’s candidate pool!

Will there be any direct contact between my potential employers and me?

Yes. For long-term candidates, once we have forwarded your profile to a family for their review, it’s then up to the family to contact those candidates they are interested in. If a family contacts you after reviewing your information, they will more than likely want to set up their own in-person interview. Temporary candidates who accept assignments will receive the family’s contact information in a confirmation email and will call the family to confirm prior to the date of their shift.

Will I be able to attend school or take online classes?

Most people are able to fit school or classes into their lives while working. If you are seeking a long-term position, those position details will be available to you before you apply with that family. This ensures you are not applying for a position that won’t fit your needs or the family’s. Our temp program offers candidates the ability to make an online schedule to fit their life. This program works well for students or anyone with other jobs because we have day, evening, and weekend work available.

I’m concerned about meeting a family on my own and whether I’d be safe living with them. Can you reassure me?

We assure you that we are very careful with each placement to make sure the environment is safe and caring. All our families are checked by our agency and are reputable local families. In over 25 years of doing placements, we have not had any incidents where candidates have felt unsafe. That is one of the advantages of using a reputable agency like A New England Nanny to help you find a job. If you experience anything that you are uncomfortable with, whether it be an interview with a family or an issue after you begin working, you should notify us immediately and we will work with you to rectify the situation. You should feel safe at all times in your work environment, even if it is someone’s home.

Is A New England Nanny affiliated with any recognized associations?

We are members of the International Nanny Association and the Alliance of Professional Nanny Agencies and follow their professional standards and code of ethics.

Will I have background checks run on me?

Yes, A New England Nanny screens every applicant for every job. This is an extremely important procedure and every family wants us to ensure that the employee in their home has been pre-screened by a reputable agency. If you think you may have something on your background check that would disqualify you from working with us, please contact us before filling out the online application.

Will there be a contract between me and the family?

A New England Nanny regards household employment as a professional occupation, and therefore recommends that both employer and employee sign a working contract to make sure that every party is clear about his or her rights with regards to the employment. We provide each family with information on how to do this, and each candidate with advice on how the contract affects them. (This applies to long-term placements only.)

How do I change information on my online profile?

When you apply, you create login credentials. You can use these to login and maintain or update information on your profile. When you login you will click on “Edit Profile” to edit any previously entered information. Remember to save changes at the bottom when complete by clicking “Continue.”

What do I do in the event that I am unable to report to work?

If you have been placed in a long-term position, the family, as your employer, would be contacted by you directly. Should they want a fill-in nanny, the agency can be contacted to help with a replacement for your shift.  If you are working in the temp program and need to call in outside of normal business hours, there is an on-call number we provide should you not be able to report to your shift.

What kind of experience do I need to become a nanny?

We require that you provide three childcare references to show your previous child care experience. For example, these references can be previous nanny, babysitting, daycare, or camp counselor positions. Experience working with children and having a love for them is what is important in becoming a nanny.

Should I be CPR/First Aid Certified?

The majority of the families prefer a nanny to be CPR/First Aid certified. If you get certified, it usually makes the hiring process a lot easier, and it is a useful employment skill for you to have for the rest of your life. If you are not, please discuss with us how we can help you can become certified.

As a nanny, what can I expect my employer to provide?

  • Accommodation for live-in nannies: Live-in nannies’ salaries include room and board. A separate bedroom is provided for the nanny’s privacy. Most families also provide a private bathroom.

  • Weekly Salary: Expect a top salary based on your age, education, experience, job requirements, etc. Salary range: $350-$600 gross per week.

  • Working Hours: Nannies generally work 9-10 hours per day, with some variation depending on the family’s needs.

  • Days Off: Nannies work 5 days per week, unless other arrangements are made. Nannies should be given all Federal Holidays off with pay.

  • Vacations: Nannies should have one to two weeks paid vacation, at the employer/employee’s convenience.

  • Medical Insurance: Many families contribute toward medical insurance.

  • Car Use: A car is usually available for the nanny’s use.

  • Travel: Some families travel a great deal, some have second (or more) homes. Nannies can expect to these families on many occasions.

Can I bring my child with me to a nanny position?

One of the questions our long-term families are asked when creating their job description is if the nanny can bring their child. There are some families that would want you to bring your child and others that would not be interested in the idea. We would be happy to match you up with an interested family. If you are a temp candidate, the temp program has a policy that does not allow you to bring your children.

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