2020 interNational Nanny Training Day

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As we get closer to spring, it means it’s almost time for our annual educational event for nannies – interNational Nanny Training Day! Presented by Nannypalooza, interNational Nanny Training Day is held to recognize the needs of young children and to raise awareness of the positive correlation between nanny training and quality care. This national […]


Advice for Working Parents on Managing Stress

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Many parents also hold full- or part-time jobs. However, being a parent on its own is one of the hardest jobs anyone could take on. Couple that with the stress of a career and it can be too much for anyone. Luckily we have some advice for working parents on managing stress. It’s not uncommon […]


What You Need to Know About Hiring a Live-In Nanny

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Many families have busy schedules and some parents work non-traditional hours, requiring child care often when daycares, schools, and other options are not available. For these reasons, and sometimes for the sake of convenience, some families opt to have their nanny live with them. While our agency can assist with the hiring process, our payroll […]


Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Parents and Nannies

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Valentine’s Day is upon us, and families and nannies both often wonder how to help the children celebrate. While store-bought cards are thoughtful and convenient, they will adorn the counter or windowsill for a few weeks, then ultimately retire to a drawer somewhere, even with the best of intentions to be saved for years to […]


The Capital Region Child Care Crisis

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A recent article in the Albany Times-Union described the wait lists at local early childhood centers and smaller family-run programs as a Capital Region child care crisis. According to the data from a new report by Raising NY, around 58 percent of surveyed Capital Region child care providers reported having wait lists, while providers statewide […]


Tips and Advice for Managing Your Household Employee

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When you’ve found the nanny or other household employee you want to keep, you want to ensure your employee is satisfied and engaged. Our partner GTM Payroll Services has HR experts on staff to offer advice for managing your household employee. Here are some recent tips they’ve shared with us. Best Practices for Giving a […]


Minimum Wage Changes in 2020 for New York

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Each year, new and amended laws impact employers in New York – including household employers – who need to stay on top of these changes to ensure they are compliant and aren’t subjected to penalties and fines. With that in mind, the minimum wage changes in 2020 for New York employers. Nannies, housekeepers, senior care companions, […]


22 Gifts Your Nanny Will Enjoy

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Here come the holidays! It’s time to show your appreciation for your nanny or other household employee. It’s always a more special gift when you can involve the children, even if it’s just a handmade card. But we do have a list of other gifts your nanny will enjoy during the holidays, or any time […]


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