COVID-19 Resources for Caregivers and Families

The coronavirus pandemic’s impact is being felt everywhere. Many new laws have been passed and amended, and families and nannies are looking for relevant information. This page serves as a center for COVID-19 resources for caregivers and families with links to articles and websites to help you ensure the safety of your family and your nanny. Please check back for updates as we will continue to monitor the crisis and post new developments here.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Links

New York Regulations

Face coverings required for essential workers – an Executive Order mandates that essential workers, which includes child care workers, must have a face covering when interacting with others.

Paid Sick Leave – on March 18, 2020, Governor Cuomo signed emergency legislation guaranteeing job protection and pay for New Yorkers who have been quarantined as a result of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.

NY Unemployment Benefits – how the CARES Act affects unemployment insurance claims in New York.

Federal Regulations

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act was signed into law on March 18. Read the details about what it means for household employers and their employees.

FFCRA Tax Credits for Families – how household employers can take advantage of tax credits offered through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

DOL Issues Guidance on FFCRA – The U.S. Department of Labor issued guidance that clarified some questions around FFCRA.

Employee Paid Leave Rights – a breakdown of paid leave available to employees and the qualifying reasons for taking leave.

Employee Rights Under FFCRA (PDF) – details the paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave under the FFCRA. This should be posted by all employers.

FFCRA: Questions and Answers (PDF) – questions and answers provided by the US Department of Labor.

FFCRA – What if? (PDF) – This helpful chart outlines many scenarios about how the FFCRA’s paid leave benefits can be used and why.

FFCRA Paid Leave Flow Chart (PDF) – Are nannies eligible for paid leave? If so, how much time can they take? How much should they be paid? This flow chart will help you easily determine employee benefits and employer responsibilities.


Coronavirus Stimulus Direct Payments – get answers to some frequently asked questions on the coronavirus stimulus payments that many Americans will receive.

Expanded Unemployment Benefits – under the CARES Act, expanded unemployment insurance coverage may be avilable to eligible individuals for a number of reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unemployment Benefits for Coronavirus Under the CARES Act (PDF) – become familiar with the expanded benefits available under the CARES Act.

Student Loan Assistance – a look at the tax benefits for both employers and their employees with student loan debt.

Home and Safety Issues

Return to Work Plan for Your Nanny – use this guide to ensure that when you are ready to welcome your nanny back into your home (or you hire a new one), you do it safely.

Community Caregiver Service – we can assist those who can’t leave their homes with picking up groceries, prescriptions, and more.

Safety Measures for Nannies and Families – a guide to recommended practices for nannies and families still working together.

How Families and Nannies Can Address the Pandemic – advice about communication and planning between families and nannies during the crisis.

Should You Pay Your Nanny During COVID-19? – a look at different scenarios and how families should handle paying their nanny for each one.

Talking to Children About the Pandemic – helpful resources for speaking with kids about the current situation.

Balancing Working From Home with Caregiving – many parents are now telecommuting, but must also take care of the children. Here is advice on striking that balance.

Avoid Burnout While Working from Home – working from home when it’s not the normal routine can lead to stress. Here’s how to make necessary adjustments.

Safe Grocery Shopping During COVID-19 – tips and advice for staying safe when you have to venture out for necessities.

Managing Stress During the Pandemic – it’s a tough situation for everyone right now. Here are tips for keeping your stress levels manageable.


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