Why Work With Us?

Benefits of Joining Us

When you work with A New England Nanny, you will have a distinct advantage over other candidates. Some key benefits are:

  • You will be treated as a professional by our staff who respects your career needs.
  • We qualify the families and match them to your unique needs and skills.
  • You will avoid safety concerns by knowing that we have reputable families who we have screened beforehand.
  • We provide you with guidelines on how to get the best compensation package.
  • We make sure you understand your legal rights and requirements as a caregiver.
  • We keep in regular contact with you before and after you are hired.
  • We ensure that your employment contract is fair and one that you are happy with.

Don’t take our word for it – check out what other nannies who have worked with us have to say:


Nanny Testimonials

“I am actually excited to get out of bed in the morning and go to work because I consider my work as a calling. I chose to work as a team player with A New England Nanny (ANEN) because their staff are highly trained professionals. They have matched me with great families. The moment I walked into my initial interview, I saw Melissa’s warm smile and I felt very welcomed. As a child care provider, I feel respected by ANEN and the families I have worked with. It’s comforting to know that ANEN appreciates this field of work. I would highly recommend joining this extraordinary team of dedicated professionals.”

– Amy G.

I’ve been a nanny for 15+ years with the agency, mostly in the long-term department. I have loved working with the numerous families and children I have encountered. It is amazing all the things I have learned as well as what they have taught me! I really feel I have made a difference and the agency has been nothing but wonderful to me! Each job has been a new adventure. My friends that have boring desk jobs are jealous!”

– Rita C.

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