Paying Your Household Employees

Legal Pay Benefits You and Your Employee

When it comes to paying your household employees, A New England Nanny recognizes that nannies, housekeepers, senior care workers, etc., are professionals who should be compensated legally by employers with the appropriate taxes and benefits in mind.

As a result, we recommend families use GTM Payroll Services, an industry leader in household tax and payroll services. Conveniently located in Clifton Park, New York, GTM serves thousands of clients nationwide, including many A New England Nanny families, who employ a nanny, eldercare worker or other household help. There are so many benefits in using a payroll service like GTM, but in short, this decision will undoubtedly save you:

Household employers spend up to 60 hours a year trying to manage their employee’s taxes and payroll issues.

You can eliminate costly penalties, interest and other unnecessary accounting and legal fees. You’ll also qualify for significant tax breaks and credits.

You’ll limit your exposure to possible audit because GTM ensures you comply with all state and federal regulations AND assumes liability for timeliness and accuracy on all tax filings.

Figure out how much you’ll need to pay your nanny in gross and net wages by using GTM’s tax calculator.

A New England Nanny is an affiliate of GTM, so we have a dedicated payroll and tax expert to help you! Call (800) 929-9213 for a FREE tax consultation even before you hire – we can save you money!

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If you have already hired through A New England Nanny, you can sign up to EasyPay® directly here.


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