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Nannies and Legal Marijuana in New York

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In April, recreational use of marijuana became legal in New York. Families that employ a nanny may be wondering how that will impact their relationship, if any of those nannies choose to use marijuana. Our payroll partner GTM Payroll Services provides a look at the new law and how it impacts employers – including household […]


Tips and Advice for Managing Your Household Employee

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When you’ve found the nanny or other household employee you want to keep, you want to ensure your employee is satisfied and engaged. Our partner GTM Payroll Services has HR experts on staff to offer advice for managing your household employee. Here are some recent tips they’ve shared with us. Best Practices for Giving a […]


Advice for Nannies When Working for a Divorcing Family

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When parents divorce, it can be an upsetting experience for everyone involved. This includes a family’s nanny, particularly when the nanny has been working for the family for some time before a divorce begins. It can be awkward coming to work in an environment that was previously stable, and now is filled with uncertainty. But […]


How to Handle Expense Reports for Nannies

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Families hiring a nanny have many things to consider, including whether or not the nanny will be driving the kids, if she or he will be using their own car, and whether the nanny will be purchasing anything for the family such as food, art supplies, etc. Some families may give cash to the nanny […]


Benefits for Nannies, Tax Savings for Families

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Offering employee benefits is an important consideration for all household employers. Families can get tax savings while providing more than a paycheck – they can attract and retain the best nannies by offering them tangible benefits such as health insurance, savings accounts, and retirement plans. Health Benefit Options • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)• Health Savings […]


What To Know About Domestic Violence And Nannies In New York

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It’s certainly not an issue families or nannies want to have to discuss, but unfortunately sometimes it’s unavoidable. Domestic violence can impact people in all professions, and employers – including household employers – have certain responsibilities. Here are some things to know about domestic violence and nannies in New York state. You cannot punish a […]


Educational Assistance for Nannies

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Many nannies try to balance their education with their job as a caregiver. If you employ a nanny that is also in school, a very helpful benefit you might consider offering is that of educational assistance. Although optional, educational assistance for nannies is beneficial in providing a satisfying workplace. But if you do offer this […]


What Can Families Learn from this Household Employment Survey?

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GTM Payroll Services recently conducted a survey of household employers and nannies, covering a wide range of topics, including legal pay, benefits, personal preferences, online job sites, and more. We are sharing the results of their household employment survey to help families hire and retain the best nannies and other household employees. From Nannies […]


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