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Housekeeper & Nanny Spotlight

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One of the benefits of children being in school and not in the home is that it takes a little longer to make the house a mess. But with shortened in-person schedules and many kids learning remotely, chances are your home needs more regular cleanings. Well, you’re in luck – we have a fabulous housekeeper […]


What’s The Right Way to Set Up a Learning Pod?

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Schools have opened for remote learning, but one local district has already shut down for in-person education and others could follow. Many parents are looking at hiring in-home teachers for learning pods or microschools, and if that’s a viable option for you, you’ll want to ensure you set up a learning pod the right way. […]


How to Help Kids Safely Use Online Technology

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Since the pandemic began, people are spending more time online, including children, especially with remote learning going on in schools across the country. The following newsletter article from discusses internet security for kids, and how parents and caregivers can help kids safely use online technology. Background Kids’ lives are online more than ever, from […]


After-School Tutor Spotlight

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With school schedules still unclear and many parents concerned about safety, an after-school tutor might be what you’re looking for. And we can help! We’d like to introduce you to our new in-home teacher. Meet Jonathan Jonathan is available as an after-school tutor every day after 3pm. He has his Masters Degree in Social Studies […]


In-Home Teacher Spotlight

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With some parents wary of sending their children to school or daycares this fall, many may choose to have them learn at home. If you’re looking for help with child care for the back-to-school season, we’d like to introduce you to a fabulous in-home teacher! Meet Laura Laura enjoys being around children and she has […]


The Nanny Share Alternative to Daycare

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Many families that utilized daycare centers before the coronavirus pandemic may be wary about sending their children back, now that those facilities are reopening. One reason families like to send their kids to daycare is for the social aspect – the children learn to work and play with their peers in a structured setting, preparing […]


Nanny or Daycare in a Post-Pandemic World?

By A New England Nanny 16 0

Many parents are returning to work as businesses begin to reopen. Some may not feel comfortable sending children to a facility with teachers and other kids. Our payroll partner GTM Payroll Services has provided guidance for families looking to decide on a nanny or daycare in a post-pandemic world. Now that stay-at-home orders are being […]


Summer Caregiver Spotlight

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With daycares and camps at limited capacity or closed this summer, child care options for parents are fewer than usual. If you’re looking for help with child care this summer, we’d like to introduce you to our summer caregiver spotlight! Meet Adriana Adriana is new to the area and is a former Pre-K teacher. She […]


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