10 Tips for Checking Your Kids’ Halloween Candy

Oct 25, 2019 | Health & Safety, Parenting Advice

checking your kids' halloween candy

Ah, Halloween. It evokes many memories of sweaty costumes, running down the streets with friends, and of course, massive amounts of sugar in a variety of colored wrappers. While most families trust their neighbors are handing out perfectly safe candy, it never hurts to be cautious and delay the sugar gluttony for a few minutes while you ensure it’s all ok for the kids to eat. Littlethings.com shares this advice on checking your kids’ Halloween candy before the feast begins.

1. Don’t let your kids eat anything until you get home and check the candy first.

Tell your children that their candy must pass mandatory “adult inspection” before they can enjoy it. There is no need to scare them about it about it, so make it a casual, possibly fun rule.

2. To avoid them being tempted to snack on the candy, make sure they’ve had something to eat before going out.

Having a fuller belly before walking the neighborhood may make them less likely to plunder their loot before getting home.

3. Once you’ve gotten home, inspect the candy carefully under a bright light.

Make sure to check for candy passed its expiration date, if it has strange lumps or contains foreign objects, candy that’s unwrapped, ripped or has been opened, any candy that smells funny, is from any manufacturer you’ve never heard of, is discolored or stained, mismatched candy with different colors and pieces inside, and candy not in its original box or wrapper.

4. If any candy just doesn’t look or feel right, throw it out. You’re better safe than sorry.

Odds are your kids will still have more than enough candy to last them until Thanksgiving.

5. Throw out any candy that’s been repackaged in a bag, as it may have been tampered with and rewrapped.

Again, better safe than sorry.

6. Discard any homemade treats from strangers, including popcorn balls and caramel apples.

It may be hard to discard these tasty treats, but if you truly don’t know the people who made them or their source, it’s probably better to move on.

7. Throw away any cookies, brownies or baked goods from people you don’t know.

(See number 6.)

8. As for fruit, wash it first, then slice it into small pieces, checking for needles, razor blades, pins and shards of glass.

I don’t know if we can recall an instance when our kids were given a piece of fruit during trick-or-treating, but if you have one of those very health-conscious neighbors, it could happen.

9. Remember not to let your kids eat TOO much candy at once! Set some candy eating guidelines for your kids so they don’t get a stomachache.

We would add to set those guidelines well in advance of trick-or-treating, rather than waiting until the full haul is realized and the kids cannot control their excitement.

10. If you find any hazardous candy or candy that’s been tampered with, contact the police immediately and report it.

Please share these tips with your friends and family so everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!

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