20 Gift Ideas for Your Nanny

Dec 1, 2015 | Employing a Nanny

20 gift ideas for your nannyIt’s that time of year again! People are making their lists (and checking them twice) of all the gifts they want to buy for the holidays. While most of the gifts are usually for friends and other family members, nannies are also – hopefully – included. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your nanny, keep reading.

According to the International Nanny Association’s 2014 INA Salary and Benefits Survey, 60% of nannies across the nation received a year-end bonus in 2013. These bonuses include anywhere from a week’s salary to a month’s salary or more. Our affiliate GTM Payroll Services conducted their own survey of their household clients and found that over 95% of them will be giving their nanny a holiday bonus this year.

Offering bonuses and holiday gifts for nannies isn’t just a nice perk for them, it also benefits your family as an employer! Providing benefits will help attract and recruit new employees, and create a happy employee, which in turn creates a happy family.

An employer may choose to establish what is commonly known as a “holiday club savings account,” which works like other savings plans. Employees may authorize in writing that a specified amount be deducted from their paycheck and deposited into a holiday club savings account. This account usually runs just a few weeks short of a full year and enables the employee to collect his or her savings in the fall (generally mid-October), when he or she may require extra spending money at this time of year.

Please see the 20 items below for some suggestions on how to recognize and reward your nanny this holiday season!


  1. Cash bonus
  2. Sick/personal/vacation time
  3. Tuition reimbursement
  4. Education/seminar/conference expenses
  5. Cell phone use
  6. Gym/fitness club membership
  7. Health Reimbursement Account
  8. Spa/salon gift card
  9. Entertainment tickets to ball games/movies/shows
  10. Time share/use of a vacation home
  11. Gas card
  12. Grocery store gift card
  13. Purchase of a computer/PDA/I-Pad/cell phone
  14. International Nanny Association (INA) membership
  15. Housing allowance
  16. Shopping gift cards (Target, Macy’s, etc.)
  17. Retirement funding
  18. Education of a dependent
  19. Frequent flyer miles
  20. Clothing allowance

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