7 Tips to Retain the Best Nannies

Jul 24, 2015 | Employing a Nanny, Working as a Nanny

retain the best nanniesWhile there are many quality nannies out there, once you find one you really like, you want to do what you can to make sure she/he wants to keep working for you. Usually this doesn’t mean heaping extravagant gifts on your nanny or giving in to anything your employee asks. Open communication and treating your nanny like the professional she/he is goes a long way to maintaining a strong working relationship. To retain the best nannies, we recommend following the seven tips that follow.

Top 7 Tips to Retain the Best Nannies

  1. Provide a clear and consistent job description. Update the job description when changes in the job occur.
  2. Be sure to orientate your nanny to your neighbors, friends, family, and the general area. Include a list of emergency names and numbers, and any other pertinent family information.
  3. Have a daily meeting in which you and your nanny can discuss the day’s activities. This can also be a time to discuss any concerns or questions regarding the job, children, etc.
  4. To get and keep the most talented employees, employers must treat employees like professionals. Therefore, offering employee benefits is an important consideration for all household employers. Consider benefits such as medical or dental insurance, paid time for vacation or sick leave, a retirement plan, annual pay increases, and flexible hours.
  5. Treat your nanny as a member of the family.  Make sure that she/he can approach you at any time with any concerns.
  6. Ensuring that your nanny is fairly compensated is one of the keys to retaining a quality employee. Employers must make sure that their nanny is paid for all hours worked, including overtime.
  7. Invite your nanny to lunch/coffee at least once a month, away from the home, to discuss the job, the children, and any suggestions for the future. Remember this relationship requires team effort!

For more information and to learn how we help support household employers with their relationships with their nannies, contact us at (518) 348-0400.

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