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16 Ways For Parents To Relax

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The first full week of the new school year is over, and we don’t know about you, but we could certainly use a breather! Of course no matter what time of year it is, parents with young children are lucky to find a few moments here and there to just slow down and take it […]


What to Read on National Read a Book Day

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While many feel that every day should include some reading (and not the online kind), today is National Read a Book Day! Whether you or your nanny read to your children, or you do some reading just for yourself, there are a multitude of options for people of every age. According to, research has […]


What Parents Want in a Nanny

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When hiring a nanny, you want someone who your children will like and have fun with, but who will also make you feel comfortable about leaving your loved ones in their care. There are so many factors that help decide what parents want in a nanny. Our partner GTM Payroll Services has put together a […]


Water Safety Rules for Parents and Nannies

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It’s hot out there! Perfect weather for jumping in the pool or a lake, leaping over waves at the beach, splashing in a river, or even just flopping into a plastic tub in the backyard. Whatever type of water activity you and your kids enjoy, staying safe has to be top of mind…including when the […]


Making STRIDEs in the Community

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On June 15th, A New England Nanny was proud to support STRIDE Adaptive Sports for their 10th Annual Strides 4 STRIDE 5k/2k Run, Walk ‘n Roll event at Jennings Landing in Albany. STRIDE is a nonprofit organization that provides over 8,000 adaptive sport and recreation lessons each year to individuals with disabilities, focusing on youth […]


Father’s Day Funny Quotes

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Whether you’re a father or you’re celebrating with your own father, grandfather, or other father figure in your life, Father’s Day always seems to be a little less sentimental and a little more goofy than Mother’s Day. But maybe that’s because dads are, in general, less sentimental and more goofy than moms. The term “dad […]


How To Write A Good Job Description For Nannies

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What constitutes a good job description for nannies? A precisely written description of the responsibilities and requirements that specify employer objectives is a critical step in building a successful employment relationship. A job description is, essentially, all the work to be done by the nanny, housekeeper, etc. It is really your first official document regarding […]


Should You Hire a Nanny for the Summer?

By A New England Nanny 18 0

As a parent, do you struggle with the decision about child care once school is out for the summer? Many families choose to send their kids to day camp (full- or part-time), while others opt to hire a nanny for the summer. With schedules and routines changing during those three months, it can be a […]


2019 interNational Nanny Training Day Recap

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Another successful interNational Nanny Training Day (iNNTD) is in the books! We had more than 30 nannies attend our event this year, which was packed with educational sessions, discussions, and training. Check out the photos below – if you missed it this year, make sure you don’t miss the 2020 iNNTD event!


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