Kid’s Camp Program During Your Conference or Event

Jul 21, 2017 | Employing a Nanny

If your organization is holding a conference or event in the Capital Region or other Upstate areas and employees will be bringing their families, we have the perfect way to keep the kids entertained while your employees fulfill their work obligations.

The mission of A New England Nanny’s Kid’s Camp program is to assist parents who need child care while they attend events and conferences. Kid’s Camp provides children with a unique, interactive and fun-filled event of their own to attend. As with all of our Conference & Event Services, parents will enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that their children are receiving the absolute best care when attending A New England Nanny’s Kid’s Camp. Parents can relax and focus on their ‘grown-up’ event without worrying if their children are well-cared for and entertained.

A New England Nanny’s Kid’s Camp is a service for groups attending conferences and special events in hotels or other venues. Every Kid’s Camp program is individually customized based on your group’s needs. Parents simply register children ahead of time and when the event arrives, they drop children off at the designated location at the scheduled time.

With a service like Kids Camp, Event Planners can increase attendance for meetings and events. Busy parents that would not otherwise be able to attend an event due to lack of child care, can now join in with the knowledge that their kids are safe and having fun, often at the same location as their event.  Our Kid‘s Camp has an Open Door Policy, so parents are welcome to drop in at any time to check-in on their children as desired. Additionally, your event organizers will have input on every aspect of your Kid’s Camp program, because we customize each program specifically for your group’s wishes.

Want to tie your Kid’s Camp theme into your adult event? We can do that! Interested in a specific type of project for your Kid’s Camp, like outdoor recreation or various art projects?
We can do that! Whatever the theme, we’ll provide the age-appropriate activities that keep children engaged and enjoying every minute of Kid’s Camp.

Kid’s Camp programs are open for all children, from 8 weeks of age to 14 years; as well as programs for children with disabilities. Our skilled and professional staff is available
to provide one-on-one care as needed.

Please contact us at (518) 348-0400 for a customized proposal for service.

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