Nanny Staying Overnight? How to Prepare

Sep 10, 2015 | Employing a Nanny, Working as a Nanny

Q: We use a nanny occasionally in the  mornings and afternoons, but we are going out of town and she will be staying two nights with the kids. She has never stayed overnight before. What do we need to know? How should she prepare?

A: A nanny staying overnight on occasion is quite common among households. While many of the same rules and job duties you use for daytime care still apply, there are a few other things to consider that are specific to overnight stays.

You should:

  • Discuss pay rate
    • If you hired your nanny through an agency, most agencies charge a flat rate for temporary nannies when they stay overnight (we charge $50-$75 per night). However, if a child is up during the night for more than an hour, your hourly rate would apply on top of the flat rate for each hour the child is awake.
    • If you hired your nanny on your own, a best practice would still be to pay a flat fee for the overnight stay, and to also compensate hourly if a child will be up during the night. You should discuss the payment options with your nanny and make sure you are in agreement before the overnight stay begins.
  • Make sure your nanny has comfortable accommodations for sleeping (bed, access to bathroom).
  • Make the child(ren) aware of where she will be sleeping in case she is needed during the night.
  • If you have a baby monitor, make sure it is where your nanny will be sleeping.
  • Go over your rules for the kids’ bedtime routine, as well as the morning wake-up routine.
  • Make your nanny aware of all doors that need to be locked and alarms in the home that need to be turned on.
  • Have an emergency contact’s information visible (neighbor, friend, etc.)
  • Make sure funds are available for dinner and breakfast, if applicable.
  • Go over school lunch arrangements with the nanny if she will be taking the kids to school in the morning.

Your nanny should:

  • Go over payment options with the parent prior to them leaving.
  • Bring an overnight bag with toothbrush, sleepwear, and any nighttime personal items not normally carried along for daytime jobs.
  • Keep track of any hours she is up during the night with the kids.
  • Keep a log of the child(ren)’s evening and morning activities/incidents.
  • Ask about taking phone messages and answering the door. Ask if the parents are expecting any visitors or deliveries while they are away.

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