What Chores Can Kids Help With Around the House?

Jan 11, 2019 | Employing a Nanny, Parenting Advice

chores kids can help with around the houseWith the cold weather finally settling in, sometimes it’s just too cold to get the kids outside. So if you’ve got restless little ones and need some productive ideas, give yourself a break and put the kids to work! What chores can kids help with around the house? Dr. G at AskDoctorG.com has created this helpful, age-appropriate chore chart to allow you some extra help during this season and all year ’round.

Chores – Good for you AND your kids!







18 mos – 3yrs Pair shoes Match Tupperware Clothes->basket Pick up toys Hold dustpan
4-5 years Bring in mail Wipe table Put clean laundry away Dust Recycling outside
6-8 years Weed Put clean dishes away Do/fold laundry Sweep Garbage out
9-11 yrs Rake leaves Make school lunches Change beds Vacuum Exercise pet
12-13 yrs Snow shoveling Menu plan, make grocery list Clear out too small clothes Wash windows Clean bathrooms
14-15 yrs Outdoor cleanup Cook family dinner Structure and organize Clean closet/cabinet Clothes mending
16-18 yrs Gardening Do grocery shopping All of the above Clean whole rooms Car repair

But of course, we can send a screened, experienced caregiver to take care of the kids while you get some chores done or grab some much-needed rest. Or have one of our fabulous housekeeper come and do the chores for you!

Call (518) 348-0400 and let us know how we can help.

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