Summer Nannies: An Alternative to Summer Daycare

Summer Nannies: An Alternative to Summer Daycare

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As the mother of a three-year-old little girl, I’ve been recently looking back at all the vacations my husband and I have taken with our daughter and wondering why we never hired a nanny for those trips.

Although the trips were enjoyable, every activity was focused on pleasing our daughter.  Instead of fine dining and walks on the beach, our activities focused on visiting cartoon characters at amusement parks and taking lots of potty breaks.  Don’t get me wrong, we had fun, but it would have been nice to have some alone time with my husband to enjoy a night out or just a quiet walk on the beach.

In addition to having some alone time without the kids, hiring a vacation nanny provides an added safety benefit.  We all know how nerve-racking it is to be with your child on the beach, a park or any other location we’re not familiar with on vacation.  As a parent, we realize it could only take one second for a stranger to lure your child away or simply, for your child to become separated in a big place.  With a vacation nanny, you’ll have an added set of eyes to look over your loved one(s) that ultimately provides you added enjoyment and peace of mind.

Of course your concern is cost.  Mine was too.  A common perception related to hiring is a nanny is the high expense.   In actuality, nanny agencies generally offer temporary services, meaning you don’t have to hire a nanny that will work every single day.  In fact, you can hire someone once a month (or less)! Agencies have menus of services and are happy to cater to what YOU need!  These services can be anything from a date night, a nanny who comes along for your family vacation, or an overnight nanny.

In hindsight, in my situation, I wish I had hired an overnight nanny after the birth of my daughter…not for when I came home from the hospital, but when I went back to work!   I had a tough recovery, healing from a C-section as well as gall bladder surgery six weeks after my daughter’s birth.  With becoming a new mom and having two surgeries in eight weeks, it was so hard for me to return to work, while continuing feedings and diaper changes every 2 hours throughout the night.   A night nanny would have afforded me some much needed sleep!

Now that my daughter is a very, very active three-year old, the question of what I will do for summer care when she starts school next year is on the horizon.  Will I put her in camp?  Will I beg the grandparents to take her?  Will I get a Summer Nanny?

I believe hiring a nanny is a good alternative to summer camps.  For me personally, I don’t know that a three, for or even five-year old is ready for a full day of summer camp.  They still nap and they don’t always cooperate!  The summer nanny can fill their summer with fun! They can plan tons of fun summer activities, and on those not so lovely rainy summer days, they can come up with some fun indoor activities to keep them happy (not to mention they can help you with some light household duties).

All in all you should see what works best for you and your family, but don’t discount a nanny because you think they may be a more expensive alternative.  You might just be surprised that you can afford one after all!

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