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Social Media Safety for Teens

By A New England Nanny 28 0

Every day it seems there’s another news story about the dangers of social media when it comes to children and teens. But other than just telling your teen that “social media is dangerous,” what practical advice can be given? We found some helpful information about social media safety for teens from OnGuardOnline.gov: More than 60 percent […]


Can You Manage Your Nanny’s Off Duty Behavior?

By A New England Nanny 30 0

Let’s say a family friend saw your nanny at a social event, and they told you your nanny was engaged in questionable behavior (drinking, foul language, etc.). Managing your nanny’s off duty behavior may be a concern. Can you tell your employee how to behave when they’re not on the clock? How much influence do you have? While employers […]


Social Media Tips for Getting that Nanny Job…and Keeping it!

By A New England Nanny 38 0

Most employers today – including household employers – use social media as a form of background checking and screening of job applicants and current employees. Nannies and other domestic workers who post things on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites may be exposing certain aspects of their personal lives to potential and current […]


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