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Wage Theft Crimes and Household Employers

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While household employees are often excluded from federal and state laws protecting against wage theft and overtime pay because of the limited number of employees within the home/ business, the crime of wage theft crimes and household employers are not mutually exclusive. A growing number of states are addressing the wage theft by some employers—employers […]


6 Reasons to Pay Your Nanny Legally

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It may seem easy to just cut a check or hand over cash to your nanny each week for her services. You don’t have to deal with tax calculations, forms and the hassles that come with being an employer. Your nanny may feel the same way. However, that’s a roll of the dice – for […]


Excluding Sleep Hours from Nanny’s Paid Time

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When the Department of Labor’s Home Care Final Rule was approved last year,  Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) protections were extended to most home care workers in the United States. That meant household employers needed to start complying with the FLSA’s requirements; therefore, an employer must determine what time constitutes “hours worked.” In some cases, the time a domestic […]


New York Paid Family Leave Law Affects Household Employers

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Earlier this month, Governor Cuomo announced the New York Paid Family Leave law, which is the nation’s longest and most comprehensive. This law impacts all private employers and employees in New York, regardless of size – including household employers and nannies. How much does it cost employers and employees? The family leave program will be funded […]


New York’s Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights

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Over the past six years, we have seen states and cities enacting labor laws to protect domestic workers’ rights. These workers include nannies, housekeepers, drivers, personal assistants, and more. On Nov. 29, 2010, New York State became the first state in the nation to extend workers’ rights and protections to people working in the household […]


Giving Nanny Time Off for Civic Duties

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Household employers should be aware and well-informed of the more often-used leave laws like sick leave or Family Medical Leave, but other leave laws will arise. Employers are typically mandated to provide time off for civic duties like voting, witness leave, and jury duty, but state laws specify how much time can be allowed, payment requirements, and how […]


Benefits of Nanny Tax Compliance

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While it may be tempting to pay your nanny or other household employee “off the books,” the benefits of being compliant with tax and labor laws far outweigh the risks of not following the law. Plus you’ll have peace of mind knowing you are adhering to your requirements as an employer. And you aren’t the […]


Sexual Harassment Policy for Household Employers

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A sexual harassment policy stipulates that no nanny or other employee should be subject to unwelcome verbal or physical conduct that is sexual in nature or that shows hostility to the employee because of his or her gender. Sexual harassment can have devastating effects on the workplace. Therefore, household employers need to take every step […]


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