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7 Tips for Building Trust with Your Nanny

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One of the most important – if not THE most important – factors for parents when hiring a nanny is trust. Without the peace of mind that trust brings, it’s difficult to want to leave your children in someone else’s care. Our payroll partner, GTM Payroll Services, offers these helpful suggestions for building trust with […]


When Children Age, a Nanny’s Role May Change

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As a family’s children age, the nanny’s role and responsibilities will change. Obviously when you have a young child – an infant or a toddler – the nanny will need to concentrate their time and attention on the child, attending to their physical needs and interacting with them. But as children age and become more […]


Can You Tell Your Nanny How to Dress in Summer?

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Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer, and that means hot weather and time spent by the pool or on the beach. The summer heat also means showing more skin and dressing much more casually, and parents may have concerns about their nanny’s attire. What can you tell your nanny about how to […]


What Can Families Learn from this Household Employment Survey?

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GTM Payroll Services recently conducted a survey of household employers and nannies, covering a wide range of topics, including legal pay, benefits, personal preferences, online job sites, and more. We are sharing the results of their household employment survey to help families hire and retain the best nannies and other household employees. From GTM.com: Nannies […]


2018 APNA Conference

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Q & A with Agency Director Melissa Schoonmaker Next week, Melissa Schoonmaker, Agency Director for A New England Nanny for more than 20 years, will attend the 2018 Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA) Conference in Atlanta, GA. This annual conference brings together more than 100 attendees, mainly comprised of agency owners and staff members […]


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