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Interviewing a Nanny the Right Way

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Hiring someone to care for your loved ones is the most important decision a parent can make. Therefore, it’s crucial to leave no detail to chance, and that includes the interview process. When it comes to someone who will be working in your home with your family, you need to ensure you are interviewing a […]


What You Need to Know About Nanny Sharing

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Many families are looking for ways to cut costs these days. For those that use nannies for their childcare, there is a trend that is becoming more and more popular: nanny sharing. Families can hire a nanny to watch their respective children simultaneously, or a nanny can work part-time for two different families. In either […]


Should You Hire a Mature Nanny?

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Often when people think of nannies or other child care providers, images of younger women come to mind. This could be mainly due to the media coverage when a celebrity’s nanny is in the news, as those nannies are usually younger, or at most approaching middle-age. But nannying is a career, and many have been […]


Hiring a “Mary Poppins” Nanny

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Having placed nannies for over 25 years, we can say honestly we have seen it all when it comes to families hiring in-home caregivers. When a new mom calls to find out about our agency, one thing we often hear is “Can I have a Mary Poppins nanny?” Unfortunately, wanting to hire Mary Poppins and […]


How Much Should I Pay My Nanny?

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One of the most frequent questions we get asked from our families who are hiring a long-term nanny is how much they should pay them. How much to pay a nanny is something to figure out early in the process, not after you decide to hire someone. This way there are no surprises for either side. […]


Hiring Through an Agency is the Right Choice

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Online job boards have become a more popular way for families to hire a nanny or other domestic worker in recent years, and while both agencies like A New England Nanny and job websites each have benefits, there are some key differences that demonstrate why hiring through an agency is the right choice. In a survey […]


Hiring Without Performing Background Checks? Bad Idea

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The old adage, better to be safe than sorry, cannot be more true when it comes to using sources to hire an employee for your home. The media is rife with stories on the dangers faced when household employees are hired without performing background checks. Even more stories are bandied about the household help community […]


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