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Hiring a Nanny Online? Know the Risks

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The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently published the results of their investigation into the vetting and screening of caregivers on Care.com. The probe revealed that “in about nine instances over the past six years, caregivers in the U.S. who had police records were listed on Care.com and later were accused of committing crimes while caring for customers’ […]


Do You Know About Lulu and Leo’s Law?

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Many of us remember the horrific story from 2012, when a nanny in New York City murdered two of the children she was watching. It was later discovered that the nanny had falsified information on her application to become the family’s caregiver, and didn’t have any actual experience caring for children. This event led to […]


Hiring Without Performing Background Checks? Bad Idea

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The old adage, better to be safe than sorry, cannot be more true when it comes to using sources to hire an employee for your home. The media is rife with stories on the dangers faced when household employees are hired without performing background checks. Even more stories are bandied about the household help community […]


Hiring a Nanny: the Family Interaction Test

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There are many concerns to consider when you are involved in hiring a nanny or other household employee, as well as many legalities to abide by to ensure equitable and fair employment opportunities. By taking the hiring process one step at a time, you can proceed with well-planned and well-researched employment offers. After you have […]


Social Media Tips for Getting that Nanny Job…and Keeping it!

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Most employers today – including household employers – use social media as a form of background checking and screening of job applicants and current employees. Nannies and other domestic workers who post things on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites may be exposing certain aspects of their personal lives to potential and current […]


Resume Fraud and Household Employment

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In a tight job market and in the age of internet-based diploma mills, resume fraud is an increasing concern among employers, including those families that employ nannies or other household employees. On the other hand, with today’s internet-enabled easy and cost-effective access to information, families can easily verify resume facts with a few clicks of […]


Hiring a Nanny on Your Own: The Real Cost

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If you have considered using an agency like ours to hire a nanny but you also want to see about doing it on your own, know what you are getting into and budget your time and money accordingly. The worksheet below, provided by our affiliate company GTM Payroll Services, will help you figure out the […]


Nanny Agencies vs. Online Agencies

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A good agency is a helpful resource in finding a nanny or other household employee. After all, household employers hire staff to make life more convenient, easier, and fun—enabling the employer to direct his or her energies toward enjoying his or her family or home.  Online nanny agencies have become more popular in recent years, […]


Hiring On Your Own?

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Are you hiring a nanny or household employee? Have you found the right one but aren’t sure what steps to take? Are you concerned about background checks, reference checks, interviews, and all the paperwork that the hiring process entails? This is a very time-consuming process, and most families are unable to take enough time out […]


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