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Household Employers and the New York HERO Act

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As a way to protect workplaces in New York from airborne diseases, the Health and Essential Rights Act (HERO Act) was recently signed into law. This impacts almost all employers in the state, including families with domestic workers. Our payroll partner GTM Payroll Services takes a look at the New York HERO Act and how […]


Tax Benefits From CARES Act Student Loan Assistance

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Many nannies are students, and many of them have student loans that can be burdensome at any time, but particularly during COVID-19 when regular income is an issue. Among other measures aimed at easing student loan burdens during the coronavirus pandemic, the CARES Act student loan assistance provision temporarily allows employers to make tax-free payments […]


Interviewing a Nanny the Right Way

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Hiring someone to care for your loved ones is the most important decision a parent can make. Therefore, it’s crucial to leave no detail to chance, and that includes the interview process. When it comes to someone who will be working in your home with your family, you need to ensure you are interviewing a […]


How to Handle Expense Reports for Nannies

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Families hiring a nanny have many things to consider, including whether or not the nanny will be driving the kids, if she or he will be using their own car, and whether the nanny will be purchasing anything for the family such as food, art supplies, etc. Some families may give cash to the nanny […]


When Children Age, a Nanny’s Role May Change

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As a family’s children age, the nanny’s role and responsibilities will change. Obviously when you have a young child – an infant or a toddler – the nanny will need to concentrate their time and attention on the child, attending to their physical needs and interacting with them. But as children age and become more […]


Educational Assistance for Nannies

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Many nannies try to balance their education with their job as a caregiver. If you employ a nanny that is also in school, a very helpful benefit you might consider offering is that of educational assistance. Although optional, educational assistance for nannies is beneficial in providing a satisfying workplace. But if you do offer this […]


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