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Health Benefit Options for Your Nanny

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The world of health insurance is complex and often frustratingly so. When families are looking for ways to help their nanny with health insurance, there are many options available that can provide nannies with funding to cover medical expenses, whether or not the nanny has her own health insurance. If you are looking for ways to […]


Workers’ Compensation for a Bee Sting?

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Workers’ compensation insurance for nannies and other household employees is becoming a crucial issue for household employers to address, and here in New York, if you employ a nanny who works 40 hours in any week of the year, you are required to have coverage. Without coverage, if your nanny is injured or becomes sick […]


The Importance of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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The International Nanny Association’s 30th Annual Conference is currently underway in Cancun, Mexico, and one of the workshops being held tackles the importance of workers’ compensation insurance for household employers. This is an issue that more and more employers are finding they need to address, either because their state requires they provide it for their […]


Long Term Care Insurance to Help with Senior Care

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While often purchased through independent means, long term care (LTC) insurance as an employee benefit is being offered more often by employers. Under this LTC policy, services to meet LTC needs such as adult day care, home health, skilled nursing care, and custodial care are available to employees, their spouses, and sometimes parents or parents-in-law. […]


Nanny Injured on the Job – Now What?

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Was your nanny injured on the job? In New York State, you are required to have workers’ compensation insurance if you employ a nanny for at least 40 hours per week, or if you employ a live-in nanny. Workers’ compensation policies cover you and your employee in case he or she is injured while working […]


Health Insurance for Nannies – Open Enrollment Starts Soon

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With so many questions surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many household employers and employees are asking for information about how they can obtain health insurance for nannies (and other household employees), so the individuals can avoid paying any fees for not having coverage. The good news is that employees have an opportunity to shop […]


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