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Avoiding a Household Employee Injury

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A satisfying workplace is only obtained in a healthy and safe environment. It is of utmost concern when a nanny or other household employee is taking care of family members, particularly children and seniors who are more susceptible to household injuries and accidents. Aside from federal, state, and local laws governing a healthy and safe […]


Life Insurance for Nannies

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Some employers offer life insurance for domestic workers, including nannies. The main purpose of life insurance is to provide a death benefit to the nanny’s (or other household employee) dependents or beneficiaries, in order to help replace lost income and protect against the financial losses that could occur from the insured’s untimely death. Generally, there […]


Do I Need Workers’ Compensation for my Nanny?

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As a household employer in New York State, you are required by law to provide and maintain Workers’ Compensation coverage for your nanny or other household employee. Does Workers’ Compensation benefit the Employer or the Employee? A single work-related injury or illness could leave an employer liable for thousands of dollars in medical bills and […]


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