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Planning for Summertime Child Care

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Summer will be here before we know it! When schools begin to let out for the summer, many families find that they need to make changes to their child care arrangements. It’s not too early to seek advice on handling different issues that arise when planning for summer household employment, so let’s take a look at some […]


Should You Offer Vacation Time or PTO?

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One of the most common benefits that household employers offer their nanny or other employee is paid time off. This can be in the form of sick time, vacation time or PTO (Paid Time Off). Sick time is to be used in case the employee is ill or must care for an ill loved one, […]


7 Tips to Retain the Best Nannies

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While there are many quality nannies out there, once you find one you really like, you want to do what you can to make sure she/he wants to keep working for you. Usually this doesn’t mean heaping extravagant gifts on your nanny or giving in to anything your employee asks. Open communication and treating your […]


Vacation Time for Nannies

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To get and keep the most talented employees, employers must treat nannies and other household employees like professionals. Therefore, offering employee benefits is an important consideration for all household employers. By providing an attractive employee benefits package, the employer is helping to maintain a satisfied workforce. Satisfied employees equal a happy workplace, which in turn […]


Hotel Child Care Services

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Family vacations can be a lot of fun, but sometimes the parents need a little break from the kids to make it truly feel like a “vacation.” That’s where we come in! If you or anyone you know will be staying at a hotel in or near the Capital Region and could use child care […]


Conference & Event Child Care and Planning

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Do you know someone coming to town for a conference or event and needs child care services? As you know, A New England Nanny has been providing screened, caring, professional caregivers to families across the region since 1991. Our families and partners can enjoy peace of mind knowing they have a trusted, reliable child care […]


Traveling With Your Nanny

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How to Compensate Your Nanny on a Family Vacation Before a family hires a nanny, the nanny’s compensation should be detailed fully, including the rate of pay for attending family vacations and any mileage or expense reimbursement that may occur. It is important for families to remember that their vacation time is not the same […]


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