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5 Steps to Take When Your Nanny Calls in Sick

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As much of an inconvenience as it might be, chances are your nanny will be too under the weather to come to work at some point. Our payroll partner GTM Payroll Services offers these helpful steps to take to make things easier on everyone when your nanny calls in sick. While many nannies may seem […]


Tax Benefits From CARES Act Student Loan Assistance

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Many nannies are students, and many of them have student loans that can be burdensome at any time, but particularly during COVID-19 when regular income is an issue. Among other measures aimed at easing student loan burdens during the coronavirus pandemic, the CARES Act student loan assistance provision temporarily allows employers to make tax-free payments […]


Have You Checked Out Nanny Magazine?

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Did you know there is a professional publication specifically geared toward nannies? Nanny Magazine is under new ownership and is re-launching soon. Our payroll partner GTM Payroll Services has the scoop! Under new ownership, Nanny Magazine will re-launch as a digital publication in spring 2020. Nanny Magazine features industry news and insights, trusted tips, childcare […]


The Capital Region Child Care Crisis

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A recent article in the Albany Times-Union described the wait lists at local early childhood centers and smaller family-run programs as a Capital Region child care crisis. According to the data from a new report by Raising NY, around 58 percent of surveyed Capital Region child care providers reported having wait lists, while providers statewide […]


Water Safety Rules for Parents and Nannies

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It’s hot out there! Perfect weather for jumping in the pool or a lake, leaping over waves at the beach, splashing in a river, or even just flopping into a plastic tub in the backyard. Whatever type of water activity you and your kids enjoy, staying safe has to be top of mind…including when the […]


What To Know About Domestic Violence And Nannies In New York

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It’s certainly not an issue families or nannies want to have to discuss, but unfortunately sometimes it’s unavoidable. Domestic violence can impact people in all professions, and employers – including household employers – have certain responsibilities. Here are some things to know about domestic violence and nannies in New York state. You cannot punish a […]


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