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Have You Checked Out Nanny Magazine?

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Did you know there is a professional publication specifically geared toward nannies? Nanny Magazine is under new ownership and is re-launching soon. Our payroll partner GTM Payroll Services has the scoop! Under new ownership, Nanny Magazine will re-launch as a digital publication in spring 2020. Nanny Magazine features industry news and insights, trusted tips, childcare […]


The Capital Region Child Care Crisis

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A recent article in the Albany Times-Union described the wait lists at local early childhood centers and smaller family-run programs as a Capital Region child care crisis. According to the data from a new report by Raising NY, around 58 percent of surveyed Capital Region child care providers reported having wait lists, while providers statewide […]


Water Safety Rules for Parents and Nannies

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It’s hot out there! Perfect weather for jumping in the pool or a lake, leaping over waves at the beach, splashing in a river, or even just flopping into a plastic tub in the backyard. Whatever type of water activity you and your kids enjoy, staying safe has to be top of mind…including when the […]


What To Know About Domestic Violence And Nannies In New York

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It’s certainly not an issue families or nannies want to have to discuss, but unfortunately sometimes it’s unavoidable. Domestic violence can impact people in all professions, and employers – including household employers – have certain responsibilities. Here are some things to know about domestic violence and nannies in New York state. You cannot punish a […]


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