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The Nanny Share Alternative to Daycare

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Many families that utilized daycare centers before the coronavirus pandemic may be wary about sending their children back, now that those facilities are reopening. One reason families like to send their kids to daycare is for the social aspect – the children learn to work and play with their peers in a structured setting, preparing […]


Nanny or Daycare in a Post-Pandemic World?

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Many parents are returning to work as businesses begin to reopen. Some may not feel comfortable sending children to a facility with teachers and other kids. Our payroll partner GTM Payroll Services has provided guidance for families looking to decide on a nanny or daycare in a post-pandemic world. Now that stay-at-home orders are being […]


The Capital Region Child Care Crisis

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A recent article in the Albany Times-Union described the wait lists at local early childhood centers and smaller family-run programs as a Capital Region child care crisis. According to the data from a new report by Raising NY, around 58 percent of surveyed Capital Region child care providers reported having wait lists, while providers statewide […]


Backup Staffing for Schools and Daycare Centers

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What do daycare centers do when they have unexpected call-outs from their staff, or their ratios are not up to where they should be? What if they’re in the process of hiring for a new position and need fill-in help? Back-up care from A New England Nanny might be exactly what they need. We have […]


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