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Fireworks Safety Tips for the 4th Of July

By A New England Nanny 18 0

Fireworks are a staple of many Fourth of July and other celebrations, but remember to take precautions to ensure your special event is safe and accident-free. Although they may be legal in many parts of the Capital Region, there are still risks. Here are some fireworks safety tips to help everyone enjoy their Independence Day. […]


5 Ways to Give Back on Thanksgiving

By A New England Nanny 27 0

As we approach the annual holiday centered around family and feasting, many families choose to use that day to volunteer in their community to help those less fortunate, or just someone who needs a helping hand. Volunteer Card has a few suggestions for ways to give back on Thanksgiving: 5 Easy Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities Do […]


What are Your New Year’s Eve Plans?

By A New England Nanny 41 0

Making big plans for New Year’s Eve? Whether you want a night out on the town or you’re hosting your own bash, we are here to help! Go ahead and stay out past midnight, we’ve got you covered. Our babysitters are experienced, professional caregivers who have been thoroughly screened, so you can toast the New […]


Should You Give Your Nanny a Holiday Bonus?

By A New England Nanny 42 0

‘Tis the season where we usually post a list of gifts that families could give their nannies. But many families – either in addition to or in place of gifts – opt to provide a financial boost to their household employee. But how often does this happen? Do nannies expect it? Should you give your […]


Real Trees vs. Fake Trees: Reviving the Argument

By A New England Nanny 43 0

Six years ago we posted about a debate between our Director Melissa and our Assistant Director Debra about whether it’s better to get a real Christmas tree or a fake one. With the holidays just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to revisit that post and see if people’s opinions are the […]


How Kids Can Help with Thanksgiving Dinner

By A New England Nanny 44 0

Making a big Thanksgiving dinner can be a daunting task – certain items need to be monitored, and timing needs to be calculated and watched. It becomes even more difficult if you have kids running around distracting you. So put them to work! There are many ways kids can help with Thanksgiving dinner that won’t […]


Holiday Time is Family Time

By A New England Nanny 32 0

Whether or not you look forward to the craziness of the holiday season, most people enjoy (at least for the most part) spending time with their families, especially those who we don’t get to see very often. But with everyone’s schedule so busy, it can be challenging to not only set aside time to spend […]


Unique Holiday Gifts for Your Nanny

By A New England Nanny 34 0

This time of year we enjoy giving gifts to friends and family, but it’s also a time to show our appreciation for the caregivers who look after children on a daily basis. Nannies not only are in charge of the kids but often clean, cook, do laundry, and other chores. Many arrive before parents go […]


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