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Senior Care Payment Options

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According to Paying for Senior Care, nearly all money spent on long term senior care comes from government programs (like Medicaid, Medicare, veteran’s benefits, and Social Security); insurance (like long term care and health insurance); personal property; and, private assistance (including nonprofits, foundations, and pharmaceutical companies). No coverage—including health and long term care insurance—will  fully […]


Avoiding a Household Employee Injury

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A satisfying workplace is only obtained in a healthy and safe environment. It is of utmost concern when a nanny or other household employee is taking care of family members, particularly children and seniors who are more susceptible to household injuries and accidents. Aside from federal, state, and local laws governing a healthy and safe […]


Unique Benefits for Nannies

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While providing employee benefits is largely optional and seldom required by law, employee benefits greatly help the household employer attract and retain high-level employees. To get and keep the most talented employees, employers must treat employees like professionals. Therefore, offering employee benefits is an important consideration for all household employers. By providing an attractive employee […]


Senior Care Payroll and Tax Guide

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Have you hired a senior care employee to work in your home? Follow this senior care payroll and tax guide to ensure you are compliant with employment laws. Step 1 – Determine if you have an employee or independent contractor The main difference between an employee and a contractor is that an employee operates under […]


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